Cold + Flu Tonic

Sick or not I'm sipping on this five-ingredient tea all winter long! Turmeric, ginger, lemon, and honey are powerhouse ingredients for battling cold and flu season, and luckily they all blend together into a delicious tonic. Click here to read more about their immune boosting properties! Cold + Flu Tonic 1/4 lemon1tbs high quality, raw makuna [...]

Wednesday Wishlist!

My Wednesday Wishlist is a collection of things I'm lusting after at the moment ie: books I'd like to read, restaurants I'd like to try, recipes to add to my repertoire and a whole bunch of pretty things I want to buy, (but probably shouldn't.) Cheese Knives Butternut Squash Muffins   Donabe Pizzana Basque Country: [...]

Romesco Sauce

Romesco is a Spanish sauce made with roasted peppers and almonds. Kind of like a pesto! You know I'm the queen of short-cuts and hacks, but I really think this sauce tastes better with freshly roasted peppers. If you've never made them before don't worry, it's really easy! Turn on a burner on your gas [...]

Tomato Galette with Whipped Goat Cheese

Crisp pastry wrapped around roasted tomatoes and topped with tangy goat cheese. This roasted heirloom tomato tart is the perfect summer appetizer. While I don't typically condone the use of store bought pie crust, this recipe will totally work with one. Tomato Galette with Whipped Goat Cheese 1 unbaked pie crust4 medium heirloom tomatoes1/4 c [...]