My favorite LA lunch spots!


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Kazu Nori

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Bay Cities Italian Deli

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  1. The line is long at Sqirl, but it’s worth the wait. I can never get out of there without ordering the classic sorrel pesto rice bowl. It’s a classic for a reason!
  2. Kazu Nori is especially good for a solo lunch without the awkwardness. It’s bar seating, first come first serve. They just do handrolls made to order. Get the iced green tea too, it’s delicious.
  3. Gjusta is my westside go to. Don’t leave without a loaf of bread for the road!
  4. Ok, I know this is a chain but I had to put it on the list because it really is one that I eat at weekly. Call me basic IDK, I’m never not down for a kale caesar salad.
  5. Order the “godmother” at Bay Cities Italian Deli. That is all.

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